You ever bend a spoon in your kitchen, just for funsies? First off- crazy. And second, a nonprofit will give you $250,000 USD if you can prove your superpower. It’s called the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group, and they’re following in the footsteps of James Randi. Here’s the scoop.

As a little background info, James Randi was a famous magician and scientific skeptic. And, for over a decade, his foundation offered a prize of $1M USD to anyone who could pass a test and prove their supernatural abilities. The prize went unclaimed, and after Randi’s retirement in 2015, was withdrawn by the foundation.

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Well, we consider the CFIIG to be a spiritual (ironic word to use) successor. If you can prove, under scientific testing conditions, significant evidence related to the paranormal, supernatural, or occult, then they’ll give you $250k. What’s more, they’ll give the person who refers you $5k just for the tip.

And it turns out, this challenge has been around for over 20 years as well, with a full backlog of past challengers for you to check out. Is your spoonbending ability beyond a shadow of a doubt? Does your ghost join you for tea?

Then it might be time to give these folks a call. You can learn more about this challenge on the CFIIG website.