Here’s some of the weirdest stuff for sale on Craigslist in Vancouver

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Happy Monday, Vancouver! We thought it would be fun to kick off the week with another roundup of the weirdest things to find on Craigslist right now. After all, Vancouver is a treasure trove of interesting and unique people. So, it makes sense that Craigslist has some downright zany things on there.

Here’s are some of the weirdest things for sale on Craigslist in Vancouver.

A Bart Simpson Skateboard

weirdest things craigslist

Are you ready to yell cowabunga, man? We’re sure all the skaters at the Georgia Viaduct will be more than impressed to see you ripping it up on this 1990 promotional deck. On second thought, maybe just cruise around your own neighbourhood.

Price: $200

A Giant Glass Horse Head

But not just any glass horse head. Nope, this one is made by the famous French glassmaker Lalique. At over a foot tall, this is one of the largest sculptures the company makes. And, it’s priced at a steep discount from other sellers. Just make sure it’s authentic!

Price: $15,000

Ursula Vase

ursula vase

On the other hand, maybe you’d like something a little more youthful. Well, how about a limited edition vase made for the release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid? There were apparently only 1000 of these made, so really it’s a piece of art and a collectible!

Price: $300

A Floating Camp

Frankly, we had no idea these things even existed. This is like a cross between a motel and a barge. It comes with 12 staterooms, a kitchen, lounges, and a dining room. Thinking of creating your own sovereign nation? This is a great starter.

Price: $375,000

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Jordan Brand Domino Set

weirdest things craigslist

According to the seller, this set was acquired during a commercial shoot for Jordan brand in 2008. We did a little poking around and other sets have been sold online. Plus, Jordan himself is an avid fan of the game. Hard to verify, but a collector’s grail if authentic.

Price: $4,900

Rat Fink Style Bicycle

Forget the all-carbon road bikes so highly-priced in Vancouver. Instead, take things easy with this custom, 1960s-inspired tricycle. Sure, it might not be the easiest to cruise around North Van, but you’ll be doing it in such style that it won’t matter.

Price: $5,500

Shrek the Third Movie Poster

shrek the third

Ah, yes, we see that you are a person of culture. And, what does every film buff need in their home theatre? A Shrek the Third movie poster signed by the director and a lead animator. That’s right- you’re after the true masterminds of this film, not the voice actors.

Price: $199

A Darth Maul Funko Pop

It’s only a matter of time before hypebeasts switch from Pokemon cards back to Funko Pops. Beat the rush and grab one of the rarest Funko Pops ever released, with just 480 made. Sure, you could probably find a decent Kaws piece for the same price, but this is weirder.

Price: $7,500

A Kitten Clock

weirdest things craigslist

Honestly, this one was too cute to not include. Plus, who wouldn’t love an adorable kitten clock telling them the time? This is just at home in a grandmother’s house as it is at a hipster’s studio in East Van. The real question is who will make the purchase first.

Price: $20

A 3D Dance Floor

Turn up your next party for one with this insane 3D dance floor. The effect is achieved through a bunch of mirrors and LED lights, and is sure to be an upgrade from whatever you’ve currently got in your living room. We apologize in advance to the neighbours of whoever actually buys this.

Price: $7,000

A Giant Frog Sculpture


We saved the best for last, folks. Look at this insane thing! It’s a giant frog, also known as one of the most powerful and vibe-filled things on the planet. Wherever this thing goes, good fortune and prestige are sure to follow. Hey, we don’t make the rules, folks.

Price: $1,950

And that’s our roundup of some of the weirdest things for sale on Craigslist right now. This is just a drop in the ocean though, folks. Remember- Craigslist is a great way to find things you never know you needed.

Like a giant frog statue.