Over the weekend, the American talk show host Stephen Colbert took aim at Alberta, but might not be for the reason you’d expect. Turns out, what caught his attention was the province’s ‘horrifying’ rise in syphilis cases. Nope, we’re not joking, read on…

Citing a CBC article, Colbert talked about how the ‘Prairie pox’ has been on the rise thanks to various dating apps and a decrease in using proper protection. Weirdly, the article cites Facebook as one such app, overlooking about half a dozen other ones that, you know, exist for dating. At over 2,000 cases, Alberta has officially entered levels not seen since before the creation of antibiotics, back in the 1940s.

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And while we love Colbert’s spin on the word ‘Regina’, we don’t think it’s Saskatchewan that needs to be worried. In our experience, the more, let’s say, adventurous Albertans always manage to get out to either the Okanagan or Vancouver Island in the summer. Remember folks- you might not need protection for a lazy river float, but you certainly do afterward!

And as for Alberta, well, what can we say? Maybe use protection if you’re going to be rolling in the mountain hay this fall. You can thank us later.