Calgary is a city of many surprises and while most of them are hole-in-the-wall restaurants or unmarked cocktail bars, some – like the Fish Creek Ice Caves, are more natural and can only be found by those wandering outdoors in the offseason.

Located west of the Bow Valley Ranch, those looking to experience some mini-mountain magic without having to drive an hour and a half, are encouraged to bundle up and check out a tiny winter grotto in Calgary’s largest park.

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With frozen ice chunks covering the rock walls and entrances, the Fish Creek Ice caves are actually pretty easy to access and can be found by those following some simple directions.

To get there, start at the parking lot, then turn left at the yellow house. Follow this path to a bridge – but don’t cross it! Instead, take the fork to your right. Go straight for 2-3 minutes until you hit the caves (which will be on your left!)

Once you’ve reached your destination, feel free to explore, take photos and enjoy – but be careful! The caves themselves are pretty small and the sturdiness of the ice is weather dependant, so please – be smart and stay safe if you check them out! There’s really no place like it in Calgary.