Deciding to shop local is the first step in giving Calgary entrepreneurs the support that they need and deserve. The second is actually finding somewhere to spend your money! Luckily, one organization is making it easier than ever to purchase YYC-made goodies. Friends – meet SokoLocal!

With over 100 stores and 126,135 products to choose from in Calgary alone, Soko is kind of like Amazon or Etsy – but on a much smaller scale.

From art to home decor, fashion sports equipment, food, plants, and musical instruments, Soko has given creators a place to sell literally everything and anything! Heck, they even sell beer and consignment items! Who doesn’t love having a brew and sifting through thrift?

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Also, not only is shopping on SokoLocal great for the community, it’s incredibly easy!

You see, instead of having to scroll through the things that you might not need, you can actually filter your search by store, product type, and by whether they actually have the item in stock or not – again, JUST like other websites where individual sellers advertise their product.

Folks, as we’re sure you already know, after the year that we’ve just had, our local businesses need us more than ever.

We’re going to shop, buy and browse anyways, why not do exactly that and lend a small business owner a hand. Trust us, it feels mighty nice to know that your doing someone a solid, but if that’s not enough… just think of how good it feels knowing that you’ll be getting a package in the mail. That’s bliss friends.

To check them out OR to see how you can get your business featured on the site, visit them here or check out their Instagram. Happy Shopping, YYC!