One person’s return is another person’s treasure – or at least it is at a mysterious new pop-up. With locations all over Canada, Krazy Bins has become an internet sensation and a weekly staple among Calgary bargain hunters.

From toys and clothes to housewares, tools, games, and electronics this UNREAL store carries bins on bins full of Amazon returns. The best part? They’re all marked down insanely low.

Now, when we say that the prices are low, we don’t mean that they’ve been reduced just a few percent. Depending on the day that you go, everything in their store could drop to $3.

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You see, Krazy Bins does things differently. Prices vary based on how long ago they restocked their store, so if you go on the day they get new items, things will be a little more expensive ($25), but if you at the end of the week, items may have completely plummeted.

The catch? Well, not only is the line incredibly long most days, shoppers are only given an hour to dig through their inventory. This means that when those doors open, it’s go-time, Calgary.

Of course, for the ‘glass half full type’ this could also be a good thing! After all, if not for this rule we’re pretty sure that most could spend an entire day in the store – ourselves included.

Check it out, Calgary! You never know what you might find!


Where: 3351 20 Ave NE Calgary, AB