Now that the weather is getting warmer, we’re dreaming about summer evenings outside. There’s really nothing that beats the vibe around a campfire. Well, this year may be a little different in that regard. We’re not gathering all our friends and heading to the woods for a bonfire. But one awesome company will deliver personal, mini campfires right to you! They’re called City Bonfires and they’re exactly what you’re summer is missing.

So this awesome platform creates the most adorable mini campfires you’ve ever seen. They’re perfect for a personal bonfire, that caters to one, maybe two or three, people at a time. You know, like the size of our social gatherings with the people we live with these days.

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These awesome campfires are perfect for city living because they’re small, portable, and even environmentally friendly! Plus, they’re safe and easy to operate, AND they’re reusable. Seriously, there’s no downside, y’all.

On top of that, City Bonfires also sells adorable little s’mores kits to make the experience complete! Now that woodsy bonfire experience can be done safely in your backyard or balcony!

The company is based in America but they do ship to Canada, so be sure to order your kit ASAP. We know we’ll be having a s’mores evening with our roommates some day soon!


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