From treehouses and boathouses to quirky castles, airstreams, and earth homes, there are so many unique spaces to consider when making domestic travel plans for the spring and summer. Lucky for us, many of the most wish-listed stays on Airbnb Canada are located right here in B.C.

In a press release, Airbnb shared that more distinctive rentals are up 70% compared to back in 2019 – and we get it. Staying somewhere special can take an experience from good to great. And that’s exactly where these unique BC Airbnbs come into play, with the first on the list being the most wish-listed stay in the whole country.

Here are the most wish-listed unique Airbnbs in British Columbia.

Cob Cottage

most wish-listed stays B.C. cob cottage

Photo via Cob Cottage on Airbnb

Believe it or not, this charming retreat was hand-sculpted using sustainable, natural materials local to Vancouver Island. Truly the cottage of our dreams!

As one visitor commented, you can “sleep to the sound of frogs” and “wake up to the songs of birds.” Sounds like a fairytale to us.

The Mayne Island home unsurprisingly takes the title for Canada’s Most Wish-listed Unique Stay—if you want to book your staycation, you’ll have to try and nab a spot for next year before they’re all booked.

East Sooke Treehouse

most wish-listed stays in B.C.

Photo via East Sooke Treehouse on Airbnb

Located in a gorgeous intersection of rural land, ocean, and old-growth forest in Sooke, B.C. is a space that is just as magical. Romantic weekend getaway in a hot tub in the middle of the forest with a glass of vino? Yes, please!

If the tub’s not your thing, you can always take a nice hot shower in the separate-entrance bathroom overlooking giant conifer trees. Climb up the ladder to access your swanky loft bedroom.

Owl’s Perch Treehouse

most wish-listed stays B.C. owl's perch treehouse

Photo via Owl’s Perch Treehouse on Airbnb

Also located in Sooke, B.C. is Canada’s Most Wish-Listed Treehouse, Owl’s Perch. As the name suggests, it’s the perfect place to touch down for a nice, relaxing retreat in the woods.

The house itself is nestled between several large cedars and a giant maple tree, reaching 30 feet off of the ground.

Lounge on some comfy patio chairs on a private deck for some gorgeous views of the Salish Sea and Washington State. If you’re down to venture out (which is a big if, considering how big this treehouse is), be sure to check out Sooke Potholes Provincial Park and Galloping goose trail!

Second Breakfast Hideaway

most wish-listed stays in B.C. second breakfast hideaway

Photo via Second Breakfast Hideaway on Airbnb

Tolkien fans and mountain lovers take note! This hobbit-themed earth home is the perfect backcountry destination. There’s plenty of privacy if you just want to hang out and play board games or cozy up by the hearth, or you can venture out for some serious hiking.

For a completely unplugged experience, look no further than this cozy Osoyoos hobbit hole.

Private Designer “Birdhouse”

most wish-listed stays in B.C. private designer treehouse chilliwack

Photo via Private Designer “Birdhouse” on Airbnb

“The Birdhouse” in Chilliwack sits on its own private slice of heaven—accessible by a cable suspension bridge. Spend your days exploring the mountains, stargazing, and making use of the rolling library ladder (which also accesses the sleeping loft!)
Pro tip: the resident Scottish Highland cattle that graze the pasture are super friendly, and they love sliced apples. Don’t forget to say hello!
Clearly, we’ve been blessed with some amazing local stays in B.C. However, if you’re heading east, you’ll definitely want to check out our roundup of most wish-listed stays in Ontario!
Stay awesome, Vancouver.