We had a dream last night where a little elf stole us from our day job and brought us to the forest. They walked us up to this cottage that resembled a giant mushroom and seemed straight out of a fairytale. No, we hadn’t taken any *ahem* substances. We’d just spent way too long staring at this incredible Gulf Islands Airbnb!

The Cob Cottage is nestled into the forest of Mayne Island, a sparsely populated retreat in the Gulf Islands. We’ve spent a bit of time in the Islands, and we’ve gotta say, we’re not too shocked to see a mushroom cottage here. It’s a very special part of the world. The host’s picture has her in a felt jacket feeding a sheep if you’re wondering what the vibe out here is.

more room

living room

The home is an Airbnb Plus, which means the hosts look after every little detail. From fresh lemon loaf to clean linens and warm coffee, everything is tended to. It honestly feels like you’re walking straight into a fairytale (and yeah, a huge mushroom).

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gulf islands airbnb kitchen

gulf islands airbnb bedroom

Inside, round archways and stone floors give way to wooden stairs and shelves. While it’s all very rustic, touches like overstuffed pillows and hanging macrame make it undeniably cozy.

Plants cling to the soft incoming light of the windows. Hanging lanterns frame a crackling wood fireplace. Plush carpets line the floor, and the walls curve around you like a little hug. It’s beyond unique.

cob cottage

Out every window is the lush green of the forest. One more foggy morning here, and we’ll be convinced we should never leave. Hey boss, can we work from home? For like, ever?

Check out this magical Gulf Islands Airbnb right here, and let us know if you make the trip to stay. Enjoy!


Where: Mayne Island, British Columbia