Awe yeah, this is exactly the kind of year-end roundup we want to see. E-Comm, the emergency service dispatch company for the province, released the weirdest 911 calls they received from BC residents last year. And, true to form, the list is filled with zany stuff.

The list ranges from the kind of believable (like asking for a COVID-19 test) to the downright petty. And while this list is fun to read, we certainly hope it’s from the perspective of “I can’t believe they did that” instead of “I think I’m going to do that”.

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Anyway, without further ado, here are the 10 weirdest 911 calls that took place in BC in 2021.

  1. The barista mixed up the caller’s coffee order
  2. A pedestrian was splashed while on a sidewalk
  3. The caller requested a COVID-19 test
  4. The caller wanted to know how to become a 911 call taker
  5. The caller wanted to know where to vote in the federal election
  6. The caller was looking for the weather forecast
  7. The caller wanted directions
  8. The bus “wasn’t coming,” according to the caller
  9. The caller asked about COVID-19 restrictions
  10. The caller wanted to report a messy roommate

Yeah, we don’t think calling 911 because you got a caffe au lait instead of a latte is really a smart idea. But hey, hopefully, that caller learned their lesson!