Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? These greeting cards may be your answer. An Ontario-based company makes the cutest cards that have an extra added surprise. Ready for it? Drumroll, please… They can be planted and turned into gorgeous blooming flowers! Pretty insane, right?

Well, they’re real. We promise. All the cards are made with 100% recycled material from Winnipeg, Manitoba and embedded with wildflower seeds. The envelopes are also made from 100% recycled material, making these “plantable puns” a perfectly guilt-free gift.

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Of course, they’re not just great for their planting and recycled aspects. Although those parts are pretty great. They’ve also got super cute designs available for any occasion! From congratulations, to thank yous, to holidays, to just because you wanna give a card, these SowSweet Greetings has got you covered. Hey – Mother’s Day is around the corner, perhaps mom would enjoy a plantable pun this year…

So if you’d like to check out these awesome local (ish) creations, be sure to head on over to SowSweetGreetings.ca. Ha ha ha, even the website name is pun-tastic!


Where: Check them out online