We’re already a few days into Sober October and if you’re anything like us, you might be missing your “wind down after work” brew. Typically, avoiding alcohol would mean avoiding beer altogether, but the time has finally come when you can still partake without consuming alcohol! To top it off, it has shockingly low calories (we’re talking 10-30 calories a can kind of low) but is still packed full of flavour!

partake brewing

You heard it here first: there’s an amazing craft beer company bringing you an unbeatable alcohol-free experience. We all know that connection is built over a great beer and with even greater people. Partake Brewing believes anyone should be able to build that connection anywhere, anytime!

It’s true – the best things in life are alcohol-free! Sometimes you want to kick back with a brew (or a few) but you might not want the next day’s headache. Or maybe you’re the designated driver but you don’t want to miss out on the craft beer experience your friends are having. Whatever the reason you’re abstaining from alcohol, it no longer means you can’t enjoy truly great beer!

partake brewing

Any one of the beers by Partake Brewing is sure to satisfy. Oh yeah, also worth mentioning—they don’t just have one generic type of beer. You can get cases of IPA, Blonde, Red Ale, Pale, or Stout!

Brewed to perfection, the alcohol-free craft beer of Partake Brewing is quickly becoming the go-to for beer lovers everywhere, even those who usually opt for alcoholic beer. Yeah, the flavour is THAT good.

partake brewing

And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to pick up a case to bring to dinner. Trust us, you’ll catch less grief from your family than if you show up with 2 for 1 boxed wine.

Choose a delicious craft beer style and Partake in life, or hey, try them all, we won’t judge!