The Vancouver thunderstorm last night was one for the record books, and now we get to see it from more than one angle. Basically, air currents from the Pacific ocean mitigate the cold/warm air mixtures needed for a thunderstorm, which is why they’re so rare in the city. According to Wikipedia, Vancouver only sees like 6 thunderstorms a year on average (we think that might even be generous).


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And boy, was last night’s absolutely crazy! With things not kicking off until around 11PM and going past midnight, we’re lucky that some devoted few managed to catch some pictures and videos.

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The storm passed pretty much throughout Metro Vancouver, from Burnaby and onto the North Shore. At its peak, lightning was striking multiple times a minute.

The thunderstorm also came with severe rain, overwhelming city streets around the region. Luckily, things were relatively short-lived, and Vancouver is more or less back to its sunny, kinda rainy self once more.


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And while this might be a little less exciting weather-wise in, say, Moose Jaw, there’s no denying that the city makes an absolutely spectacular backdrop for the events. Now, we’re going to be a little selfish and ask Mother Nature to move the start time of the next Vancouver thunderstorm up a couple of hours.


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No pressure, though!