A cute spot with a cute nickname! The West Montrose Covered Bridge is Ontario‚Äôs last remaining covered bridge, often referred to as the “Kissing Bridge”. Located in Woolwich Township, the bridge has a 198-foot span across the¬†Grand River and is a great spot to visit this summer.

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The West Montrose Covered Bridge is found in the Waterloo Region!

The roof that goes over the bridge protects the large timbers and trusses from the elements, the reason the bridge is still standing after more than 100 years.

So, how did the structure earn its nickname as the “Kissing Bridge”? According to Explore Waterloo Region, “Early horse and buggy drivers would sneak a kiss while driving through the sheltered bridge.”

The bridge was built all the way back in 1881 but is still used by pedestrians, buggy traffic and vehicles weighing less than three tonnes for crossing the river to this day.

As of recently, however, it was announced that the bridge is undergoing an upgrade.

According to the rehabilitation plan, “The Recommended Design Concept includes removal of the existing steel Bailey trusses, replacement of deteriorated wooden truss members and bridge elements and reinforcing select members to accommodate a 10-tonne design vehicular live load.”

The upgrade will not affect the three-tonne load limit.

Construction isn’t set to begin until spring 2025 so if you’ve never checked out this spot, summer is a great time to do so.

Happy adventuring and maybe sneak a kiss while you’re there!

The West Montrose Covered Bridge

Where: 1 Covered Bridge Dr, West Montrose, ON