While we love feeling cultured with a little classical music, we won’t deny that The Orpheum is by far the best place to experience it. So, the recent news that the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will be back in there this fall is music to our ears! Things kick off mid-September, so here’s what you need to know.

The first experience will be the fittingly named We’re Back! concert taking place on September 18th. This concert will be a selection of fan favourites, including pieces from Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and contemporary Canadian composers. Yeah, it’s definitely the kind of high society concert that’s perfect for a welcome back party.

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The week after, guests will be treated to back-to-back screenings of Back to the Future, with the score performed by the orchestra in real-time. Alongside movies at Science World, we think this is another bucket list experience for anyone wanting an out-of-the-box movie experience.

The final concert of the linep will be alongside Fred Penner, who was/is a Canadian children’s music icon. While this isn’t exactly our speed, we’ve got a couple of friends with kids that would love it. Maybe they’ll put in on the CV for their high school application or something, we’re not exactly sure.

But we are sure that whatever you pick, you’ll be treated to a wonderful experience! For more info on the return of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to the Orpheum, click the link below.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

When: Starts September 18th
Where: 601 Smithe Street
Cost: Varies