Let us all bow our heads, or pour one out, (whatever is more your vibe) for the closing of a Vancouver landmark. The iconic Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island will be closing its doors on September 26 of this year.

As Elton John once sang, goodbye yellow brick road. Well, it’s actually more like goodbye yellow wood building, but same diff, right?

If you don’t know it by name, you would definitely recognize it. It’s the massive yellow building right at Granville Island. And it’s been a happening Vancouver restaurant since 1980! Which is 41 years of great seafood, burgers, and other tasty fare.

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While it’s always sad to see a place that seems to have been open forever, there still might be a silver lining to this all. On the Instagram post announcing the closure, they also mention a rebrand and that there are new things to come.

Could this mean the iconic location could still remain a place to enjoy some great food? We sure hope so! Food just hits differently at giant yellow buildings, especially when it’s at such a great location.

One thing we hope is that the outside dining they excel at doesn’t go away with their new concept. Battling with the seagulls for your lunch is actually part of the fun, believe us.

So, if you want to check out Bridges in its current form, you better book your reservation now. You have a little under two months, so might as well.