Tucked away behind the Eaton Centre, you’ll find an outdoor hidden gem nuzzled into the city centre. The Toronto Public Labyrinth at Trinity Square is a beautiful oasis that not enough people are talking about. It’s a breath of fresh air amid all the chaos of downtown Toronto and it’s one we think you should check out ASAP.

So the Toronto Public Labyrinth at Trinity Square has been around for quite some time now. Way back in the late 1700s, the space belonged to a man named John Simcoe Macaulay. He owned the estate until he sold his home in 1845 to make room for the Church of the Holy Trinity.

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Today, that church and the labyrinth still exist. Although, they were both threatened back when the Toronto Eaton Centre was originally built.

At the time, the construction of the mall would have meant the demolition of the square. But protestors fought against it and the plans for the mall were changed. Neat, right?

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Of course, those protestors were onto something because now the Toronto Public Labyrinth is one of the most serene spots in the city. You can stop by day or night to take it all in. The area is lit in the evenings and you’ll be surrounded by loads of peaceful greenery.


Now that we’re in lockdown again, there’s no better time to explore Toronto’s little hidden gems. You’ll definitely catch us at this location on a sunny afternoon.


Where: 24 Trinity Square