The Seattle Aquarium did something really creative folks and it has to do with our hockey team. Can you guess? Well if you can’t, they have a brand new giant Pacific octopus and they named it Kraken. And we can’t say we’re surprised!

After all, it was only time that the aquarium added to the hype of our new hockey team. And a new octopus is pretty dang fitting considering a Kraken is a giant octopus. So we’re happy to welcome this tentacled fella to our city.

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And if you’d like to go see him in person you can do that because the aquarium is open again. Not to mention now is a great time to give them your support with all that’s been going on with the pier. So treat yourself to a day at the aquarium because you don’t want to miss Kraken.

If you’d like to get tickets for the Seattle Aquarium or learn more, you can click here. And we’re hoping that somehow our city’s new Octopus can make an appearance at a game. Or at least be able to watch the games. Because that’d be pretty cute.