A listing has hit the market that Canadian TV fans are sure to be pumped about. It’s the Rosebud Motel! Okay, in real life it’s called the Hockley Motel. But it’s the place where the iconic Canadian series Schitt’s Creek shot most of their show. Told you it was exciting stuff…


The Hockley Motel is located in the slice of paradise we like to call the town where we currently areee. We hope you read that in Catherine O’Hara’s iconic Moira voice. All joking aside, this spot is situated in Mono, Ontario. The town is about 80 km northeast of Toronto or about a 1-hour drive on the highway. Not too bad!

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A peek at the property will show you that although the series was shot here, it doesn’t look quite the same as it did on TV. The rooms in here are bright, airy, and don’t look rundown at all! But hey, that’s showbiz baby.

As for the actual specs, this spot boasts 10 rooms including a 2-storey manager’s suite and a separate cottage. The whole property sits on 6.7 acres of land and comes with a fairly spacious parking lot.

rosebud motelrosebud motel

Of course, it’s also got some pretty impressive surrounding nature to explore! We’re talking about an active river on site and loads of forestry.

Now, if you ask us, we think this place could be transformed into a museum featuring artifacts from all the iconic series that have filmed there. Along with Schitt’s Creek, you may recognize the spot from a few scenes in another hit Umbrella Academy. Not a bad idea, right?

rosebud motelrosebud motel

Well, whether the new owners go with our amazing business proposal or not, they’ll definitely have a cool story to go with the property. The motel is on the market to the tune of $2 million CAD.

You can check out the full listing here.