We’ll be the first to admit that we had to do a little Google search to figure out just what the heck ‘grocerant’ means. Turns out, the answer is very simple- it’s a combination between a grocery store and a restaurant. Makes sense, because that’s exactly what’s in store at Aburi To-Go, the new concept from the folks behind Miku.

Basically, Aburi To-Go is everything you love about Miku and the sister restaurant Minami in a convenient setting. Here, you can choose between ready-to-eat meals, frozen options, and a range of accompaniments. If that wasn’t enough, the store is also selling imported Japanese plate ware. We didn’t know we wanted to elevate our next sushi at home night, but now we kind of do.

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Of course, we also have to mention that Aburi To-Go will be selling baked goods and confections made in-house next door, at Minami. So, you can really get the full package here. And, we have to admit that it’s nice to see a cuisine other than French or Italian try this out, since that seems to be the norm right now. Not that we’re complaining- we want more local options, always.

While we doubt we’re going to approach the skills of the actual chefs at Miku and Minami, we’re happy to at least get access to what they’re using! We think of it as a win-win. Craving a meal at home? You’ve got an amazing base to build off of. Then, when you return to dine there, you’ll be able to taste things that much better!

That’s our plan.

Aburi To-Go

When: Now open!
Where: 1112 Mainland Street