Dating in Vancouver (or anywhere for that matter) is hard. And if you agree with that, you might also agree that Vancouver would be the ideal filming location for a movie about the challenges of modern dating. If so, you might want to check out the new flick Love Hard coming to Netflix.

Love Hard is a movie about dating in the modern, online world and seems like it’ll be a riotously funny rom-com. It stars Nina Dobrev as a LA journalist who writes a popular column about her failed relationships. And you can check it out on Netlix today!

But, when she finally connects with someone over a dating app and agrees to meet up, her new boo turns out to be some he’s not. Think “Catfish,” but a comedy.

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Love Hard also stars Jimmy O. Yang, Darren Barnet, and James Saito and is directed by Costa Rican stand-up comedian Hernán Jiménez.

While BC doesn’t get the chance to play itself, it does a great job at pretending to be upstate New York. With the small community of Agassiz BC making an appearance in the movie, as well as Vancouver itself.

And you’re able to check out the movie on Netflix right now! So, While the movie has had some mixed reviews so far, it might be worth checking out Love Hard to see the Lower Mainland on screen!