While babies being born in Alberta took a little dip last year (to no one’s surprise), it turns out that baby names have stayed more or less the same! The latest roundup of the most popular baby names in the province shows that a couple of names are sticking around, and are extremely popular, relatively speaking. So, let’s check ’em out!

First up, we got to give credit where credit is due for the name ‘Olivia’. Still holding the title this year, the name has become the longest one to stay in the number 1 spot since 1980. Olivia has actually been the top name since 2013, and is showing no signs of slowing down. But, let’s check out the rest of the list too!

  1. Olivia (236)
  2. Emma (184)
  3. Charlotte (161)
  4. Ava (159)
  5. Sophia (151)
  6. Amelia (145)
  7. Isla (133)
  8. Emily (127)
  9. Lily (123)
  10. Abigail (114)

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Meanwhile, the boys’ names are a little less set in stone. The name ‘Noah’ took top spot for the second year in a row. Surprisingly, the name Theodore has snuck onto the top 10 list this year, for the first time since records began. Hot take- this is thanks to ‘Teddy’ off Schitt’s Creek.

  1. Noah (239)
  2. Oliver (229)
  3. Liam (206)
  4. Benjamin (182)
  5. William (178)
  6. Jack (169)
  7. Lucas (163)
  8. Theodore (159)
  9. Levi (153)
  10. Owen (152)

And finally, some new parents weren’t afraid to go a different route, using some more unique inspirations. There are names inspired by artists and athletes (Kobe, Muhammad-Ali, Dre and Zeppelin), video games (Link, Eevee and Zelda) and even a few mythology-related ones (Artemis, Persephone, Aries, Zeus).

Well, whatever names were chosen, were happy to see a great mix of the classics and some new ones. We have to admit though, we really want to help a Starbucks barista yell out “Latté for Link!” at some point in our lives.