YAHOO! The news everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Today, the folks behind the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth announced the details for the event’s most universally beloved tradition and as expected, some of them are a bolder choice while others look finger-lickin’ good. YYC -get ready, get set, dust off your boots and start building your July itinerary because the Calgary Stampede has released their list of NEW midway food items.

From sweet and savoury to spicy and daring, the Stampede’s up-and-coming eats will be well worth sourcing out many a food truck from stage to rodeo.

As we said some are a few ‘choice’ items, but what fun would it be if there wasn’t? Let’s dive in!

Here are the newest food items hitting the midway in 2021 and where to find them:  


  • Cotton Candy Soft Serve- Summerland Soft Serve
  • Sweet Teriyaki Cauliflower Wings – Mr. Vegtable
  • Blueberry Mini Donuts On A Stick – Mini Donut Factory

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  • Cool Ranch Corndog – Big Coco’s
  • Potato-Less Cheese Curd Poutine – Cheese Curds
  • French Fry Corndog – Mr. Vegetable
  • Sushi Tacos – Happy Fish
  • Seafood Ramen Poutine – Happy Fish
  • Rainbow Street Corn – Tikka N Tequila
  • Un’Chickn Burger – Plant Butcher
  • Rainbow Grilled Cheese – Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Poutine
  • Double Donut Chicken Burger – Steve-o’s Homestyle Fried Chicken
  • Triple Dog Dare You – Super Footlong Hotdogs


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  • Pickle Lemonade – Drink A Fruit, From the Fruit!
  • Louisiana Gator Bites – Paolini’s Concessions
  • Steet Corn Coconut – Drink A Fruit, From the Fruit!
  • Pork Intestine – The Hungry Beast
  • Peanut Butter Burger – BurgerJoint
  • Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Mini Donuts – Cin City Donuts

There you have it, folks! Your brand new Calgary Stampede midway food menu. What will you try first? Let us know!

For more information about this year’s menu, to purchase admission or for more information about the event in general, check out their official website here – and enjoy, YYC!