Want to push your limits and possibly win a huge cash prize? “The Mole” is returning for another season after its successful rendition in 2022 and it’s looking for competitors from all over, including Canada.

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According to Netflix, “In this high stakes competition, you’ll have to play your best game all while trying to find out who is sabotaging your chances at winning.”

“The Mole” features twelve players who compete in challenges while trying to identify the one among them who’s interfering with everyone’s success.

The series was originally made popular in the early 2000s and was rebooted by Netflix just two years ago.

Casting is open to Canadian residents and will require them to submit a video and fill out an application!

The minimum age requirement to apply is 18 years old and if you’re a Canadian citizen applying, you’ll also need a valid Canadian passport.

If you need some tips when it comes to the video submission, here’s what Netflix suggests:

  • No longer than a three-minute video
  • Cite real stories from your life
  • No need to be “wacky,” just be you
  • Talk about where you’re from, how it’s a part of your personality, or how it may help you do well on the show
  • Please show us YOUR WORLD, use pictures, take us on a tour, etc

Get applying and we’ll be seeing you on “The Mole,” Canada!