“Remember the 2019-20 NBA season,” would be a silly question to ask anyone, honestly. The iconic ‘95 Rewind Nights, a nostalgic celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Raptors, has etched the season’s memory into our minds forever. Then, Leon’s, the popular furniture retailer, did something epic. They made it possible for us to bring home a “piece of Raptors history,” how brilliant? 

Earlier this year, Leon’s teamed up with the Toronto Raptors to craft coffee tables out of the custom-designed 1995-style hardcourt on which the ‘95 Rewind games were played. The furniture retailer launched a commemorative, limited edition of 100 coffee tables that could only be owned via a draw. 

The great thing about these coffee tables is that they come with an authentication certificate and a court map identifying exactly what part of the court you have sitting in your living room. In fact, many of the tables have gameday scuffs and marks, a constant reminder of the cherished season. So there currently are 100 lucky fans out there, cheering on the Raptors at home, alongside their piece of Raptors history. Please don’t hide your jealousy, we totally get it. 

raptors coffee table
Photos via Leon’s Furniture

All of those who’ve been sulking over not having won the last time around, here’s some good news for you- Leon’s has launched a new contest for you to win a Raptors coffee table of your own! They have twice as many tables (200 of these beauties) to giveaway and there will be a draw each week so you have more than one chance to win. Check out all the details of the draw here.

Raptor loyal or not, this opportunity isn’t one to be missed. We, for one, are sure to not let it slip. A visit to your local Leon’s Furniture Showroom to pick up a Rap’s scratch card is all you need to do for a chance to win. No purchase required, good luck!