HBO’s The Last Of Us has taken the world by storm but even before its first episode hit the small screen, Albertans who knew the cast and crew were in town were head over heels for the project.

Filmed entirely in Wild Rose Country, half the fun of watching the hit series has become arguing with your friends about where each sequence was shot.

The other half? Actually knowing for sure – which is all possible thanks to Travel Alberta!

From the towns, schools and buildings used in the show, TA has put together an interactive map pinpointing major set locations and in episode 8, Waterton National Park was a scene stealer.

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According to their catalogue – the town’s Bayshore Inn played a major role in Sunday’s episode – which was particularly tense.

Other locations you may recognize include the Tamarack Garage and of course the lake itself, which lends its surrounding mountains to several beautiful shots.

The CL Ranch, which is located just outside of Calgary also appears as an eerie sawmill during the episode, though you might never have known it if not for the map.


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As for the final episode? Only time will tell what we’ll see in the last 43 minutes of season 1.

To watch The Last Of Us, log into Crave or catch it on HBO via your local TV Provider on Sunday, March 12th, 2023 at 9:00 pm ET or 7 pm MST.

Happy watching and enjoy! It’s gonna be a good one!