Nothing transports us back to our childhoods like a bite of something sweet. Culinary creatives Samantha Lapointe and Meridith Braun have captured the essence of childhood nostalgia at their Toronto bakery, The Grand Order of Divine Sweets.

Located on the Queen West strip, their shop is one-of-a-kind — the main reason being their exclusive rights from Warner Bros. to create themed treats based on the Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings franchises.

As the only bakers in Canada to have these rights, this privilege was hard-earned and well-deserved.

That’s because Lapointe and Braun pour their hearts and souls into what they do.

“We are first and foremost geeks that love food,” said Lapointe in an interview with Curiocity.

“The fact that Warner Bros. trusted us so much as a small business […] is really telling for how much love and thought we put into not just our product itself, but also the licenses that we represent.”

Lapointe is an award-winning cake designer and Braun is a veteran of the video game industry.

In 2019, the two combined their passions to create The Grand Order of Divine Sweets, a place for all to indulge in their love of food and fandom.

“We want to take the things that we grew up with and the love as adults and we want to elevate them enough to have them at our birthday parties, weddings, kids parties, Christmases, and everything,” said Lapointe.

“We want to make it so that you feel safe in being yourself and liking the things that you like.”

Photo via Samantha Lapointe, The Grand Order of Divine Sweets

The most ordered creations at The Grand Order of Divine Sweets

While every treat on the bakery’s menu is enough to make your jaw drop, some are particularly popular — and for good reason.

According to Lapointe, during Halloween season, the most popular product is the Tainted Love cake.

This beautiful cake will send chills down your spine when you spin it around and discover the realistic-looking guts spilling out of it.

“The contrast between the soft white and the grotesquely intricate and interesting gore fest is just so captivating that people gravitate towards it,” Lapointe explained.

In fact, she says people order the cake in three, four, and five-tier versions.

If you stop by the store this September and October, you’ll actually see it displayed in the window.

Photo via Samantha Lapointe, The Grand Order of Divine Sweets

There are also many other goodies that are popular year-round.

That includes anything from the Harry Potter line, like the Sorting Hat Cupcakes and the Hagrid’s Cake.

A close second would be the Lord of the Rings Shire Cake.

These products are made-to-order, but there are all kinds of decadent treats you can grab right at the counter.

Just in time for the cooler weather, you can sip on the popular Pumpkin King Spiced Drink or the indulgent house-made hot chocolate.

Photo via Samantha Lapointe, The Grand Order of Divine Sweets

Lapointe’s personal favourite

The decision did not come easily, but Lapointe said that her favourite item on the menu is the Galaxy Truffles.

This box of 12 mouthwatering truffles is inspired by our galaxy, with every chocolate representing a different planet.

Your tastebuds will be taken on an interplanetary journey as you taste your way through the cosmos.

The flavour combinations are truly out of this world — you’ll discover that the Moon really is made of cheese, as it pairs the taste of rich chocolate with parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Lapointe said that there are also “fun Easter eggs and throwbacks in the legend” and “a few facts and things to make you chuckle.”

“I’m really proud of this product and it tastes delicious.”

Photo via Samantha Lapointe, The Grand Order of Divine Sweets

A massive treasure ‘haunt’ for Halloween

The Grand Order of Divine Sweets has gained even more popularity in recent years for their epic city-wide treasure hunts, featuring a grand prize of $1,000 cash stuffed inside a giant chocolate.

Lapointe revealed to Curiocity that on Saturday, October 28th, the tradition will continue with The Grand Haunt.

As part of the event, haunters will be stationed all over the city and participants will be tasked with finding each one.

The first clue will be provided on the bakery’s social media.

From there, participants will have to solve the clues to get to each stop and have their cards stamped for the chance to pull a prize from the cauldron.

The cauldron will include all kinds of sweet surprises, cakes, and goodies from other local businesses.

Thrown into the mix is the grand prize — $1,000 cash hiding inside a chocolate smash item.

Unlike their Easter scavenger hunt, this event will not be a race for the grand prize.

Instead, participants can go at their own pace, making it more accessible for individuals with mobility issues and those who don’t have a car.

“It’s not a race for treasure, it’s for everybody to participate in at their own pace and you don’t have to be the first one to finish,” said Lapointe.

Who will be the lucky grand prize winner this time around? Maybe it will be you!