It’s not a bahhhh-d time to be alive. The sun is shining, the days are long and once again, 200 goats have been released onto Calgary’s McHugh Bluff hill to control weeds and support habitat restoration work happening in and around the area.

From today, July 15th until July 25th these Billy babes will graze and eat their way from one side of the park to the other eating (safe) but invasive weeds like Canada thistle, yellow clematis and creeping bellflower, without affecting the more desired native plants.

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Of course, as a reminder, while they are ridiculously cute and cuddly – they are technically city employees so please don’t try to play or pet them!

Until the job is done, Calgarians are asked to keep a respectful distance away from both the heard and the shepherd so everyone can get things done safely and in a timely manner.

In addition to this, officials also ask that you keep your dogs on a leash at all times and that if you’re riding your bike through the area, that you slow down in order not to spook them.

For those of you who feel like they can’t help themselves, maybe consider checking out Cobb’s Adventure Park or Granary Road, who both have goats meant for petting, after all, if you wouldn’t try to snuggle someone working the DMV, you also shouldn’t try to cuddle a McHugh goat.