Even if you don’t follow it on Instagram, chances are high that you’ve heard about Dover Street Market, which is one of the biggest names in the world of high fashion. The department store chain has got outposts all over the world, from LA to London to Tokyo. And now they’re in Canada, thanks to a recent project with Nordstrom. Let’s check it out!

Vancouver was chosen as one of just three Nordstrom locations worldwide to get the pop-up, with the other two being in Los Angeles and New York. So, we guess that Nordstrom has faith in Vancouver to scoop up some of the pieces. Luckily, the collections are also available to purchase online.

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What collections are they? Good question. Nordstrom is focusing on DSM’s ‘Brand Development Branch’ which highlights up-and-coming designers from around the world. If you’re curious, Vaquera, Weinsanto, Rassvet, ERL, Liberal Youth Minstry, HFD, and Youths in Balaclava are in there, with prices ranging from $45 and into the thousands. And of course, SPACE is already home to some of the most talked-about designers (like Marine Serre) right now, too.

Now, the inner critic in us is a little hesitant about a couple of things, like a leather bag with suspiciously Telfar Global-esque branding, or the inclusion of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s ‘Rassvet’ line, which has been backed by DSM for almost 5 years now.

But hey, we’ll leave it up to Diet Prada to really dive into this one. To shop the new Dover Street Market pop-up, make sure to check out Nordstrom Pacific Centre in Vancouver, or online throughout Canada. We hope you find something amazing, folks!