Calgary’s Coca-Cola stage is iconic, but all good things must come to an end. It’s bittersweet, but, with the expansion of 17th Avenue and the construction of the Victoria Park train station, the outdoor venue that we’ve come to know and love, will be torn down next week – making way for a new era of Stampede concerts and shows.

Built in 1993, Calgary’s Coca-Cola stage has seen many a mosh pit, though perhaps one of the largest was actually Alexisonfire in 2018 – according to Christine Thompson, Communications Advisor for the Calgary Stampede.

Other notable shows include Cheryl Crow (also in 2018) and Carly Rae Jepsen in 2012, which saw the stage completely packed with fans and park-goers.

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Of course, Wednesday, December 8th, will not be the end of music on the grounds. After all, it’s been an integral part of the world-renowned event since the very beginning!

“Music is huge for the Calgary Stampede,” Thompson said. “With three stages [Coke Stage, Nashville North, Big Four] and several performances over 10 days, it’s one of the largest music festivals in Canada and we’re excited to continue that tradition.”

Though we won’t see a permanent stage in its place until 2023, next year, a temporary platform will be placed somewhere in the park where legends big and small will no doubt, draw in a crowd – so don’t fret, celebrate!

“When we first announced on our social channels that the stage was set to come down, it was fantastic to see all of the memories that Stampede fans and guests have made at the Coca-Cola stage over the years and how the stage has been such an iconic gathering place for guests.”


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While this particular stage will be no more, a new one will pop up just the same ready to host some of the world’s best, brightest and upcoming artists of every genre.

“We look forward to bringing the Coca-Cola Stage back in 2022, and bringing guests many more exciting performances and experiences to the new stage,” concluded Thomspon.

Do you have a favourite show?! Let us know over on our socials, where we’ll be reminiscing about the 28-year-old stage.

So long, old friend! You will be missed!