It’s nearly been two years since it was announced that a passenger train would be built between the Calgary airport and Banff National Park. Now, with an approximate budget in place, Liricon Capital Ltd., the company behind the project is hoping that they’re on track for a 2025 completion date.

Liricon, who owns Mount Norquay ski resort AND a long-term lease for the Banff train station, shared that the hydrogen-powered train will cost around $1.5 billion, some of which could come from the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

Other potential partners in this? The Alberta government, who the company hopes will put up $30 million annually, as they believe it would ultimately benefit the economy and make Canada “more competitive.”

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“A train to the iconic Banff National Park—the most visited national park in the country—would reduce congestion, lower emissions, [and] protect the pristine environment while creating jobs and economic opportunity,” they said in a press release back in July.

According to the company, which submitted a proposal this week in hopes of securing a public-private partnership, these payments would not start until the train is ready to run full speed ahead which would be well before the end of the decade.

When complete, the Calgary to Banff train could feature up to 6 stops running between the Calgary airport and the town of Banff – which would be huge, as it’s been over 30 years since  Via Rail’s line (which was similar) was shut down in 1990.

Wowza, big things are happening, folks, big things! So we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information ‘rolls’ in. We can’t wait to see what happens!