The Pacific Northwest’s biggest Latin American Hybrid festival is coming back to Vancouver this August. The Carnaval Del Sol (not to be confused with the 1962 film Carnival of Souls) is hitting the city August 12 to 29.

The festival is put together by Latincouver and is absolutely chock full of amazing events and things to check out. There are shows such as musical performances of “The Sounds of Latin America” and stand-up comedy from Spanish-speaking comedians.

On top of that, there will be workshops on food and dance that you can check out. And, there will be a few outdoor festivals full of music, food, family activities, and, yes, beer. So, there’s basically no reason to check it out. It really is a must-visit for lovers of, and those who grew up with, Latin American culture.

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So, if you want to get your tickets to these events, you better act fast! There are a lot of really cool things going down across the city. So, we’re telling you you’re not going to want to miss this festival.

Unfortunately, there are too many notable events at the festival for us to fit them all here, so check out their site for more details. But, if you’ve seen enough and want to check it out, you can buy your tickets on their site right here.

Now go, listen to some great music, and experience the fun and beauty of Latin American culture in our own city.

Adios and salud!