Heads up folks! After announcing the move a few weeks ago, and opening the website for it last week, the BC Vaccine Card is officially going into effect starting today. But, things are not quite yet set in stone. Here’s what you should know about it.

Basically, residents who have completed the process via the Health Gateway website got a QR code that can be displayed on their phones. These QR codes will act as one part of verifying your identity and vaccination status, alongside the classic government IDs (like a driver’s license).

Then, over the weekend, the provincial government released both an Android and an iOS app for businesses to verify these QR codes. We have to admit it’s a very straightforward process, even if there are a couple of kinks that need to be worked out.

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So, there are exceptions there, as well. From now until September 26th, there is a ‘grace period’ for people struggling to get their digital or paper copy of their vaccination status. So, people will be able to use the paperwork they received when getting their vaccination (whether from a vaccination facility or a pharmacy).

Finally, it’s worth noting that until October 24th, residents will only require 1 dose of an approved vaccine to access various spaces and services. Afterwards, the requirement will be bumped up to fully vaccinated. The BC Vaccine Card will be in place until at least January 2022, but could be extended as need.

So, if you haven’t done the legwork already, now’s the time, folk!