Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, listen up. Aspen Crossings Train of Terror is everything you need this October to get your heart racing. Traditionally, when you think ‘train’ you think the Polar Express or Hogwarts…that’s going to change after you spend a couple hours at Aspen Crossing.

This whole thing is an interactive adventure from hell (and we mean that in the very best, wonderfully horrific way). Nod off, and experience your worst fears at the Dreamland Corporation. Ever wondered what lurks in the dark? The Train of Terror has your answer.

Tonight, you’re a test subject,  close your eyes and let your dreams become a reality, where your reality is a total nightmare.

Hoo-boy, did you get some shivers there? ‘Cuz we did and all we were doing was typing. The Train of Terror features not one, but two seriously spooky haunted houses, where you’ll wander through the Dreamland facility. But be careful, you never know what’s waiting for you right around the corner.

Train of Terror

First, enter Dreamland and get acquainted with some of your fellow patients. The first haunted house really sets the tone, but you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s practically a cakewalk compared to what is waiting for you on the other side of a mysterious train ride.

In between the first frights and the freaks, decompress at the bar. You’ll need the liquid courage to get through the rest of the night. There are a few super fun photo ops on the train too that’ll help you keep your mind off everything until you reach your destination.

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Train of terror

This is where it really gets good. When the train stops, you’re reallyin for it. But we won’t tell you what ‘it’ is because the surprise is half the fun…

First of all, we’d recommend actually reading the waiver they make you sign before you get started. This haunted house incudes some contact and when they say tight space, they really mean it. Grab a buddy and enter … if you dare.


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It’s dark, it’s scary, and it’s amazing. If you survive, celebrate with a shot from a severed head. We’re not joking. That’s a thing. Or, just drink out of a glass like a normal person.

All in all, the entire experience is amazing terrifying and, well, amazingly terrifying. This is an absolute must this year. You’ll only regret it when you realize that you’ll never be able to sleep ever again.


Where: AB-24, Mossleigh, AB
When: October 8 – 30
Cost: $66.00