Halloween prep: 5 Canadian horror movies to watch this week

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Hi there, peeps. Since it’s the spookiest time of the year, we’ve decided to put together a few lists of Canadian horror movies to help get everyone in the Halloween mood. We’re going to try to refrain from calling October ‘spooky season’ a whole bunch of times, but if we do, we’re sorry in advance.

Here is our first list of 5 Canadian horror movies you should watch this week to get into the Halloween mood.

Shivers (1975)

Canadian Horror Movies Shivers (1975)

Filmed in Quebec and directed by Canadian auteur David Cronenberg, this is one of the most celebrated cult-classics in Canadian history. The story delves into a twisted scientist using parasites to spread terror and suffering and is a certified creepy-crawler classic.

7 Days (2010)

canadian horror movies 7 days quebec

Filmed in Quebec and set in Quebec, this ultra-dark revenge tale spins a disturbing yarn that plenty of horror-lovers will enjoy. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the French do know their horror so be prepared for quite a ride.

Screamers (1995)

screamers canadian horror movies to watch

Adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story, this flick is a 90s take on robots gaining sentience and kicking plenty of human ass. It’s set in the year 2078, but it certainly doesn’t paint a pretty picture of what we might expect from the future. Oh, it’s also filmed in Quebec. Noticing a trend?

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Ginger Snaps (2001)

Canadian horror movies to watch ginger snaps

Filmed in and around the GTA, Ginger Snaps was Canada’s first big success in the horror scene of the 2000s. The film follows a couple of emo-goth teen sisters and their descent into the world of werewolves and bloody murder. Very moody!

Pontypool (2008)

canadian horror movies pontypool

This little-known Canadian flick introduces a pretty fresh take on the zombie genre. It’s gained a bit of a cult following in the past few years, but we’d say this is one that might pleasantly surprise some folks. It’s set in a small, isolated Ontario town and even features a snowstorm as a very important plot point. Trust us, it’s a very non-zombie zombie movie.

There you go, folks! That’s just the first little list we decided to put together in order to get you ready for Halloween. Keep an eye out for another list of Canadian horror movies to watch and, of course, enjoy your October.

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