While we know it’s not Halloween yet, we thought we’d give you a little scare before. Ready? Here it comes…RENTING IN VANCOUVER.

That’s right, rent is one of the scariest things out there. But, a recent look at the Vancouver rental market might make it a little less scary, depending on where you live. The website liv.rent has recently updated a list of the top 9 cheapest neighbourhoods to rent in the Metro Vancouver area, and the findings are interesting.

If your place made the cut, congratulations! We’re all super jealous of you, and you now have some financial bragging rights. But, if you didn’t make the cut, we do have pity on you.

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The rankings for this list are a combination of the average cost for both two- and one-bedroom apartments, but for this we’ll just be focusing on the one-bedroom costs. So, without further ado.

Here are the nine cheapest neighbourhoods to rent in Metro Vancouver with their average rent for a one-bedroom

  1. Guilford Town Centre, Surrey: $1,357
  2. Victoria-Fraserview, Vancouver: $1,516
  3.  South Arm, Richmond: $1,450
  4.  Brow of the Hill, New Westminister: $1,476
  5.  Sunset, Vancouver: $1,500
  6.  Central Coquitlam, Coquitlam: $1,465
  7. Richmond Park, Burnaby: $1,300
  8. Port Moody: $1,874
  9.  Lynnmour South, North Vancouver: $2,058

What surprised us, is that some Vancouver neighbourhoods made the cut! Goes to show you the city is 100% gentrified. For reference, Guilford Town Centre has an average rent of $1,357 for a one-bedroom. So, still pretty darn pricey! I suppose that’s the price of living in our modern world.

The most expensive average rent on this list is at Lynmour South, North Vancouver. Which has an average rent of $2,058 for a one-bedroom. So this list really does run the gamut. Really shows how expensive living is when this is in perspective!

We hope that that this informs you, makes you feel bad, or maybe influences your next move. We know it’s had us getting some ideas.