Let’s face facts- there is no better city in Canada for cycling than right here in Vancouver. And with that comes one of the best selections of bike shops in the country as well. So, whether you’re a hipster looking for a beat-up fixie to roll around East Van or a West Van dad training for a triathlon, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best bike shops in Vancouver you should check out right now!

Ride On Bike Shop

The perfect starter bike shop. Whether you’re looking for a mountain bike, a road bike, or even a refurbished one, Ride On has the options for you. As a heads up though, for the foreseeable future they are only selling new stock since there is too much in the air for used bikes.

Our Community Bikes

This spot is the front-facing shop of a local nonprofit called the PEDAL Society. Its goal? That’s easy! Educating the public on all the benefits of cycling and teaching people how to take care of their own bikes once they have them. Absolutely the spot we recommend if you’re looking to do some good while also buying a new bike.

Side Saddle

Side Saddle is Vancouver’s first women-focused bike shop, and we love that idea. Frankly speaking, cycling can be confusing enough to get into, and we could totally see how having a specialty store would encourage some people to dive in. And trust us, these next few picks are going to prove that there is plenty of room for bike shops in Vancouver.

West Point Cycles

And now we start to get into some more intense stuff. West Point Cycles, even though they only carry Trek bikes, is one of those stores where you can have an entire career and not have to look elsewhere. They’ve really got the full scope, from your first road bike onward.

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Union Street Cycle

Union Street has an interesting business model, because they specialize in custom builds for their customers. Whether you want a commuter bike or are ready to take a dip in real cycling waters, Union Street can create a bike that is perfect for you. Just make sure you know your budget.


This in, in our opinion, the endgame for bike shops in Vancouver. Frankly speaking, the entry price is prohibitive for most people looking to get into the lifestyle, and their high-end models will cost more than a car. No, seriously, these things look like spaceships. What’s the payoff? A level of expertise and a range of products that rivals any bike store around the world.

On The Rivet

Ok, so now you’ve got a bike, but what about apparel and gear? Say hello to On The Rivet, a store that specializes in the best cycling gear on the market. What’s more, they’re associated with Mighty Riders, another Vancouver shop that has become an iconic name (with a community to match!).


This is the final stop on your cycling journey. You’ve got the bike and you’ve got the gear, now what? Well, you head to a cycling-focused coffee shop that offers tune-ups, of course! Hang around long enough (once it’s safe to do so) and you might even get invited to a Bagel Ride, who knows.

And that’s our roundup of the best bike shops in Vancouver! Whether you’re looking for a starter bike or are ready to dip your toes in professional waters, Vancouver has the options for you.

Enjoy your summer, folks!