Planning on making some day trips around Alberta this summer? We’re here to help you out. Plus, Alberta is home to some amazing roadside attractions that are just waiting to be seen. That’s right, we’ve got more than just a big dinosaur to offer (although that one is pretty cool). Let’s see what’s out there!

Note: Most of these attractions are located in smaller communities. Before visiting, please make sure to check both provincial and any local public health guidelines. Other than that, have fun!

Here are the best roadside attractions in Alberta.

World’s Largest Bee

roadside attractions alberta

The biggest problem with Bee Movie? It wasn’t set in Falher. This town is known as the honey capital of Canada, and they built a giant bee to complement it. The sculpture was installed in a local park in 1990, and measures a whopping 23 feet long. We also like that it’s also up some 18 feet in the air, for added effect.

Where: Falher, Alberta

World’s Largest Mushrooms

largest mushrooms

Whatever you do, don’t accuse a resident of Vilna of not being a fun guy. Sorry, we’ll see ourselves out. To celebrate the longstanding mushroom picking culture of the town, this massive, 18,000lb statue was installed in 1993. The 20-foot tall caps depict the variety Tricholoma uspale, which is found in the area.

Where: Vilna, Alberta

World’s Largest Pyrogy


Welcome to the Ukrainian heritage trilogy of Alberta. That’s not the official name (in fact, we just made it up), but we think it’s fitting. Anyway, this attraction was also installed in 1993, and measures just under 25 feet tall. That’s almost three full stories of doughy, cheesy, potatoey goodness.

Where: Glendon, Alberta

World’s Largest Kielbasa Sausage

In comparison, the world’s largest sausage is over 40 feet tall! And, thanks to that classic U-shaped design, is twice the length. It’s a fitting home for it, though, since a nearby company has been lovingly making these sausages since 1959. Now that’s commitment to a craft.

Where: Mundare, Alberta

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World’s Largest Easter Egg (Pysanka)

roadside attractions alberta

Undoubtedly, the World’s Largest Easter Egg is the most aesthetically pleasing of the trio. At least, for us it is. Not only is it pretty massive, but it’s also surprisingly intricate. To create the sculpture, over 3500 pieces of aluminum were used, which were assembled in a geometrical pattern. Definitely a top pick of roadside attractions in Alberta for us.

Where: Vegreville, Alberta

World’s Largest Lamp

Our next miniseries of attractions is all about the Albertan lifestyle. Made for a millenium project in 2000, this lamp stands at over 40 feet tall. But, that’s not the impressive part. Nope, instead, the lamp lights up every night, like a fun prairie lighthouse or something.

Where: Donalda, Alberta

World’s Largest Fishing Lure

largest fishing lure

At almost 30 feet long, this is right alongside the bee for ‘biggest increase relative to size’. This lure is also one of the more recent additions on this list, having been certified in 2020. The lure features the iconic five of diamonds design, which was created by local legend Len Thompson. Fun fact- the company is still making lures, almost a century later.

Where: Lacombe, Alberta

World’s Largest Wagon Wheel and Pick Axe

roadside attractions worlds-largest-wagon-wheel-and-pick-axe-768x892

Wanna get rocked by the biggest wagon wheel in the world? You don’t even have to leave the province to do it. What do you think would win in a fight- the world’s largest pickaxe, or John Henry’s hammer? Our money’s on the former, but it would be a close call.

Where: Fort Assiniboine, Alberta

The World’s First UFO Landing Pad

ufo landing pad

The only thing on this list that doesn’t rely on a ‘world’s largest’ claim. Instead, this was the first (at least, on a municipal level) landing pad created for extraterrestrial life. Here’s hoping that when they come, it’s more like Arrival and less Mars Attacks!. We’re not holding our breath, though.

Where: St. Paul, Alberta

World’s Largest Dinosaur

alberta roadside attractions

We can’t write a list without including Alberta’s most famous roadside attraction, which has the bonus of recently being named. Turns out, the dino is called ‘Tyra’. Get it? Like Tyrannosaurus? We’ll be honest, we’re going to keep referring to it by our moniker- Chompy McBiglegs.

Where: Drumheller, Alberta

And that’s our roundup of some of the best roadside attractions in Alberta! If it’s safe to do so, we suggest visiting them all this summer! We’re sure going to.