It’s no secret that it’s been pretty difficult to secure tickets to watch the Toronto Raptors play in the NBA Finals. Tickets are up for sale for as high as $35,000 each. The lowest we’ve found? Around $1,000 a piece. Looks like we’ll be finding other ways to watch the game!

Thank goodness that Toronto is already set up with so many fantastic sports bars, movie theatres, and viewing parties that are all set up to handle these types of events. Here are some of the best places to watch the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals.

Jurassic Park

This is obviously the place to be if you’re not inside Scotiabank Arena. There are pre-game festivities and post-game fun (especially if the Raptors win), so get ready for a full day event.

Where: Maple Leaf Square

Cactus Club

No, it’s not a typical sports bar. That being said, any Cactus Club location will be filled with cool people, awewsome food and drinks, and enough Raptors vibes to make any fan happy.

Where: First Canadian Place, 77 Adelaide St W


dog and bear

This is a staple location to watch any major sports game. TVs, beer, and elevated British-inspired food. Chippies, anyone? They’re taking a little break from soccer for the NBA playoffs, so we’ll count ourselves lucky.

Where: 1100 Queen St W

Assembly Chef’s Hall

Want the same type of views provided by Jurassic Park without the crowd of thousands of people? Then Assembly Chef’s Hall is the place for you. Delicious food will be paired with a giant projector screen for one of the best one-two viewing punches in the city.

Where: 111 Richmond St W

Petty Cash

Hey, if Petty Cash is good enough for Shawn Mendes to be slinging drinks at, then it’s good enough for a Raptors game. Plus, drink and food features will be available to go along with plenty of solid TV views.

Where: 487 Adelaide St W, Toronto


best places to watch the playoffs toronto

They’ve got plenty of TV real estate, but there’s also foosball, shuffleboard, and pool to entertain you during intermission. Food is super reasonably priced and the beer list is solid!

Where: 1280 Dundas St W


MARBL is taking the NBA playoffs very seriously. We’re talking projection screens, top-notch sound systems, and crowds of dedicated Raptors fans ready for a party.

Where: 455 King St W

Baro Rooftop

The newest rooftop patio in town is definitely going to be bumpin’ for this entire series. With TVs lining the entire bar, patio vibes that can’t be beaten, and that ‘new spot’ smell that makes every night out better, Baro is a top pick for sure.

Where: 485 King St W


Want to hang out with the hardcore sports fans but can’t spring for tickets? This is a great backup plan! Massive (emphasis on massive) TVs everywhere (including the bathroom so you really won’t miss a second), friendly service, solid portions, and plenty of drinks. This is as sports bar as it gets, friends.

Where: 15 York St

The Pint

Over 100 TVs, game-day menu features, and some serious sports vibes. The Pint will have you covered with every angle, every food item, and every drink you could want to cheer on the Raps.

Where: 277 Front St W

Of course, you can always stay at home and watch the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals all by your lonesome. But hey, don’t be a loner. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this awesome city and these awesome fans.