When you think about Christmas shopping you probably don’t think of the TELUS Spark’s gift shop. But, this place is quite possibly Calgary’s best-kept secret! Their shop is full of some of the coolest gifts around. For real though, this gift store is not just for science lovers. We had a look and think that you should seriously consider gifting some of these unique gifts this year. Their doors are open or you can stock up online on their website.

FOR THE DOG LOVER: Dog Treat Selfie Clip

TELUS spark gifts dog selfie

Finally a way to capture your canine for the cutie he or she is. We have all been there trying to get your dog to cooperate for a photo and failing miserably. But now we don’t have to with this genius gadget. Add this to your cart asap.

FOR THE ARTIST IN YOUR LIFE: Bob Ross Self-Painting Mug

TELUS spark bob ross self-painting-mug

Now this is cool. As the mug warms with your tasty holiday beverage we get to see our favourite artist and his painting come to life. As Bob always said “Do something every day that will make you happy.” and that for us means all the coffee in our Bob Ross mug decked in happy little trees.

FOR THE WINE LOVERS: Science of Wine Glass Set

gift ideas

Here’s a toast to science! These seriously cool wine glasses will make your cabernet taste even better. This set of glasses celebrates the complex bouquet of molecules that gives your favorite wine its unique qualities and flavors. We’re not sure how they do it but we love it and you will too. So celebrate the chemistry of your favorite vintage and cheers to the holidays!

FOR THE PLANT LOVERS: Plantasaurus Rex

TELUS spark

Add some Cretaceous flair to your home! This T-rex planter will keep succulents and other small plants safe from other dino predators. Your plants will love having this ferocious protector.other herbivorous dinos in this King of the Reptiles planter. For indoor use.

FOR THE LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS: Magnetibook – 4 Seasons

TELUS spark gifts

Talk about cool and sustainable. Why waste paper, let your child’s creativity flow using magnets for endless hours of seasonal fun. Heading out for a road trip? This is the perfect way to keep your little one entertained so you can enjoy the scenery and learn about Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall together.


TELUS spark

Games are fun in all but isn’t it cool to learn some new skills while you’re at it? We think this young survivor kit is pretty awesome. It’s totally hands on giving your older child over a dozen experiments to do that can literally save their lives. We’re pretty sure that most adults don’t have all these skills but with this handy yet super fun and interesting gift your child (8+) will learn all the essential survivor techniques.

FOR THE BOOK LOVERS: Women in Science- 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

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The Spark Store has many books to choose from but one of our favs? Women in science of course. We’re all for empowering women to push the limits and this is just the book to kick-start that movement. Featuring Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and so much more, this New York Times best-seller is the perfect gift to inspire girls of all ages!

FOR THE NATURE LOVERS: Honey Bee Graphic Tee

TELUS spark gifts

Sport this vintage-looking tee while you tend to your garden or head out for a hike. This is perfect for all us nature nerds out there. It’s made using eco-friendly processes so you can rep your favourite keystone species with pride.

FOR THE FUTURE SCIENTIST: 100 First Words for Little Geeks

TELUS spark 100 first words geeks book

Kick start your little scientist’s vocabulary early on with this cute book that introduces them to their first science terms. With quirky and colourful illustrations your little one will love looking through the book while learning some interesting science words.

So even if some members of your family are hard to buy for, the Spark Store has you covered. From gift cards to gadgets they have it all. Check out their website here for more great ideas.