Yalla beena! A massive celebration of the Middle East is returning to Toronto this July, and here’s what to know!

The Taste of the Middle East Toronto Festival is back for its fifth year, and it celebrates Arabic music, art, and heritage. This year, festivities take place starting July 22 and will run for three days at Nathan Philips Square downtown Toronto.

This year’s event will bring together local artists and dance. “Cultural Dance is really important to us,” states the festival. “This is our way to tell other people what are the things that they need to know about our culture. It is also the way that other people could have respect, knowledge and give importance to our traditions and norms.”

Besides music and dance, expect flavour food from local restaurants, and stands by local artisans.

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“Through our events and programs, we let Toronto’s diversity shine,” the event website reads. “We allow for newcomers to maintain a connection to their own culture & to learn more about new ones. We allow youth to feel pride in their own heritage and to feel like they belong. We increase awareness about the importance of protecting culture and diversity.”

Yalla, get ready to eat!

Taste of the Middle East Toronto Festival

When: July 22, 23, and 24
Where: Nathan Philips Square