If you’re bored in self-isolation here’s an activity that will occupy 5 minutes of your time! Check out the brand new music video from Drake, for the song Toosie Slide. It dropped last night and it’s sure to give you a little entertainment to get you through the day.

Of course, given that we’re all in the middle of a global epidemic, and everyone is social distancing, the streets of Toronto are super empty right now. Well, you don’t have to leave your house to see ’em! Cause Drake did it for you. The beginning of the video features tons of shots of normally busy Toronto areas, now completely deserted. It’s definitely an eerie start to a relatively uplifting song.

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After that, you can watch Drake dance through the halls of his Toronto mansion. You’ll get a sneak peek of his many music awards, as well as a ton of impressive features of the massive home. The song is based on a dance made by an influencer named Toosie. And the steps of it are seen featured multiple times throughout the video.

So why not bust your boredom for a hot minute and watch the video! You could even learn the moves to the Toosie Slide and dance along with the 6ix rapper.

Check out the full video here.