Here’s a top tip for the major fast food chains out there- if you’re gonna hype up a new menu item, then please bring it to us as well. The long-awaited Mexican Pizza finally launched at Taco Bell, but Canada isn’t going to get to try it out.

Yeah, we’re bummed about it. While our neighbours to the south will get to dive into the infamous hybrid, we’ve gotta settle for a Doritos Taco or a Crunchwrap. They’re still good, don’t get us wrong, but we’ve grown accustomed to all the fun, weird new menu items coming out in both the US and Canada at the same time.

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Especially after their marketing campaign, which had everyone from Doja Cat to Dolly Parton singing its praises. What’s not to love? Ground beef, refried beans, two crispy tortillas, some cheese… it’s the perfect middle ground when asked if we want Mexican or Italian, but can’t come up with a preference to save our life.

According to social media, it’s not looking like Taco Bell Canada is going to get the Mexican Pizza at all. So, once again, we’re begging you- please, please, let us dive into one.