Yup, you read that correctly. To really up the ante of the Battle of Alberta, Budweiser has just promised a ‘Bud on Us’ to the winning city. Yeah, 10,000 fans are getting a free beer if they win. Here’s the scoop.

The pledge originally stemmed from the friendly wager between the mayors of each city. That bet has three parts. First, the losing team’s city council will wear the other team’s gear to a meeting. Second, the losing city will donate to a cancer foundation in the winning team’s city. And third, the losing mayor will rock face paint in the colour of the winning team.

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Pretty high stakes already, but Budweiser has seen an opportunity. The ‘Bud on Us’ promotion will dish each 10,000 $5 vouchers to fans who manage to register in time. Luckily, you’ve got time to sign up, as the company will be announcing more details once a winner is declared.

So, we suggest you follow along on Twitter as the series heats up. A free beer is a free beer and that’s well, a free beer. We’ll take one any day of the week, and especially if it’s to celebrate a win.