Winter is one of the most magical times of the year. While it can be cold and gloomy, there’s always love in the air, snow on the ground and a ton of incredible events happening all over the province.

Among Wild Rose Country’s most festive experiences is The Meltdown in Sylvan Lake, Alberta – a frosty hurrah that marks the transition of the colder months into springtime.

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Photo via Visit Sylvan Lake / Facebook

Located at the midpoint between Calgary and Edmonton, Sylvan Lake is an absolute must no matter the season, but in March you’ll definitely want to make the trip.

Held on the last day of winter, The Meltdown features a day’s worth of fun activities, games and food, including a candy toss sponsored by Dairy Queen, food trucks and Holi colour throwing.

This vibrant celebration will see blue, red, yellow and green powder released to represent the change of seasons and is wildly beautiful to watch.

Another can’t-miss event? Their Hot Air Balloon launch, in which 3 baskets are sent up into the air for all to see.

Photo via Visit Sylvan Lake

Sadly, you won’t be able to ride in them. but the photos will be something special, as long as your timing is right.

Other cool things worth checking out are their performances which will showcase a pro-hula-hooper and the dancers from the Young Bhangra Dance Academy, but that’s hardly all.

There’s also bound to be some surprises throughout the afternoon, so check it out and live it up.

The full itinerary is on their website.

Enjoy and happy visiting!

The Meltdown – Sylvan Lake, Alberta

When: Monday, March 18th, 2023
Directions here
1 pm