Well Vancouver, it looks like we’re back on top! Of gas prices, that is. A recent report from Stats Canada has us pegged at the highest price per litre of gas across the country. So no, you’re not alone in thinking that prices are too dang high right now.

For the month of January, Vancouver was looking at a whopping 134.6 cents a litre on average. At the time, that was a full 6 cents a litre more than the next highest city, which was, surprise again, Victoria. Meanwhile, most Canadian cities were hovering around 100 to 110 cents.

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And of course, the prices have just gone up since then, and are now sitting around 140 cents a litre in Vancouver. So, if you were thinking that you might get a break this year on gas, we think that might be a little bit of a long shot. We’re bummed as well.

Maybe this is the year we seriously get into cycling. We’re going to have to do a cost-benefit analysis before we dive in, though.