It’s any travellers’ worst nightmare — arriving at the airport to learn that your flight has been delayed or cancelled with no updates in sight. That’s been the reality for many passengers in Canada and abroad as a Sunwing network outage brings flights to a halt.

Videos posted on Twitter of Toronto’s Pearson Airport on Tuesday morning show long lines of passengers, many of whom have been waiting for over 24 hours, according to CP24’s Courtney Heels.

According to the airport’s website, 16 Sunwing flights departing from Toronto today have either been delayed or cancelled.

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The technical issue, which is currently impacting check-in and boarding features, is affecting Sunwing’s entire computer network, CityNews reports.

Passengers returning home from places like Cancun are also reporting delays, posting footage of crowded airports and long lines amid the outage.

“We regret any inconvenience to customers’ travel plans and are working to have the issue resolved as soon as possible,” the airline tweeted on Monday.

“We’re working on this issue as it is not ideal for anyone involved. We want to get our passengers where they want to be,” Sunwing tweeted in response to one passenger.

“We’re committed to providing further updates on the situation as needed and when provided to us. We truly appreciate your patience & understanding.”

Sunwing also claims that passengers who had their travel plans impacted may be eligible for compensation under Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulation — more information can be found on Sunwing’s website.

As for when this travel nightmare finally comes to an end, we can only hope that it’ll be soon.