With daylight saving time starting this weekend, we’ve got longer days and later sunsets to look forward to this spring and summer. In Vancouver, the sunset time will be after 7 pm – if you can believe it – so get ready to kiss short winter days goodbye!

Starting Sunday, March 10th, the sunset time will be pushed by a whole hour, jumping from 6:09 pm to 7:10 pm. Don’t forget to set any manual clocks you have forward!

By the last day of March, the sun will set at 7:43 pm, according to Time and Date.

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Compared to where we started this January with sunsets that barely scratched 5 pm – we’ve come a long way!

What’s more, we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these coveted late sunsets. Time and Date shows the sunset time in Vancouver will be after the 7:00 hour until September.

The last sunset before the 6:00 hour will take place on September 26th, when the sun will set at exactly 7 pm.

So there you have it, Vancouver! The time we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – enjoy ‘springing forward!’