We love the cozy winter vibes of the season, especially as the snow finally starts to fall in Metro Vancouver. But the short days and minimal sunlight have to be our least favourite part about winter, which is why we’re immensely looking forward to later sunsets.

The good news? Vancouver’s sunset time will be 5 pm and later in just a couple of weeks, according to Time and Date. So mark your calendars for Saturday, January 27th, when the sun will set at exactly 5 pm. Fingers crossed for clearer skies so we can actually see it!

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Photo via National Research Council Canada

December’s Winter Solstice on Thursday, December 21st was the shortest day of the year, with a sunrise time of 8:05 am and a sunset time of 4:16 pm in Vancouver. So with that behind us, we can look forward to a couple minutes more of sunlight with each passing day.

By January 31st, Vancouver’s sunset will be at 5:07 pm, as we head into a longer February due to the Leap Year.

Note that Daylight Saving Time will start on Sunday, March 10th this year, and by then, the sun will set at 6:11 pm.

So here’s to all the longer, brighter days ahead, Vancouver!