With the arrival of a new season, we think it’s only fitting that we chat about the latest summer forecast for Canada this year. The Weather Network just recently updated its predictions for the summer from coast to coast, and it brought some good news with it. Here’s what to know.

Starting in BC, the rainy spring had a positive effect, with the forecast now calling for a later start to wildfire season, with the season shorter overall as well. While the interior regions will have a near-normal summer, the coastal areas will see cooler-than-normal temperatures across the board.

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Moving east, the Prairies are a little more of a mixed bag. While the northern regions (including Edmonton) will see near-normal temperatures, the south (including Calgary) is at the very tip of a hotter-than-normal weather pattern for the next few months.

And wrapping things up in the eastern regions proper, both Quebec and Ontario are expected to see a very hot and humid summer. This pattern also ups the possibility of major storms, so this is by far the most “wait and see” part of the forecast at the moment.

Overall? Expect a few more storms across the country, which will help offset the summer heat. We’ll this summer forecast for Canada practically any day- we still need to buy an A/C…